Monday, February 02, 2015

Filled up

What a weekend we had!!  

On Saturday we met some friends for an impromptu coffee.  I love unplanned meet ups... talking laughing sharing..."filling the unforgiving moment with 60 seconds worth of distance run. "   I even managed to get all the laundry done and put away..... yay me!

Then on Sunday we had a private play party to attend in our Nation's capital.  Actually it was a resurrection of sorts of an old group - the 140 club.  I prayed for decent weather so we could make the 2+hour drive up.  

Mother Nature cooperated and we had a marvelous time.  Meeting up with folks we haven't seen in years........ and I do mean years!!  (14 for one couple).  We chatted .... we laughed.. we compared notes.... and Sir played with me........ hard.  I even have the stripes and a bruise to show for it this morning.  

The play filled me up - to the brim........ not over, just to the brim..... no nasty leftover drops tickling down the inside of my brain...... nope.. just a comfortable fullness that will tide me over until the next time............... and it is so nice to know there WILL be a next time with my Sir.

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