Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Busy Me

This living on my own - if only for a few days - is not easy.  I lived by myself for many years but 1 1/2 years with Sir and I am spoiled ......... le sigh 

Yesterday I got busy - instead of dwelling in the quiet - I dragged all the furniture out of the quiet room and rearranged it all.  Not an easy task - and my bones and muscles hurt!  Who knew the furniture would be so heavy and awkward??? BUT now that it's all back in - I like it - a lot!  I think the room looks bigger - not so cluttered and cramped. YAY me.

Then in the afternoon a friend dropped by for coffee and we cheered each other up - at least I hope I cheered her up.  

When she left - the house got noisy.  Who knew how noisy a house can be.  Every creak made me wonder if the roof was gonna cave in from all the snow on it........ every bump made me jump ...... every sigh from the walls made me wonder who was watching ...... I am such a scaredy cat

Today is gonna be rough.  I have a doctor's appointment.  And for the scary ones Sir always comes with me.  He asked me - he did - before he left if I could manage the appointment and I told him YES... hell I am a big girl right? I should be able to handle even a scary doctor's appointment by myself!!

But the first thing on my mind at 5 this morning when my eyes popped open was "doctor today".  and my stomach tied itself up in knots - impressive knots !!  Sitting here at my computer was making matters worse.  So I dragged on my snow boots and mitts and coat and scarf and went out to shovel the pathway and the walkway and the driveway........ and when that was done I did my neighbour's driveway........ now my bones and muscles really hurt!!  AND it is only 10:30 - I still have 3 hours till my appointment. 

Ah well - fingers crossed the appointment will go ok - and then I can come home and celebrate with my rack of ribs I have set aside for dinner.  And then who knows - one more sleep and my Sir may be home..........


Downunder Don said...

Good luck and best wishes for the appointment.

Ordalie said...

How about posting a photo of your quiet room before and after?

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