Monday, February 23, 2015

50 Shades of............

We went to see the 50 Shades movie yesterday. 

Yup we weren't one of the cool kids who rushed off to see it the very first day - or weekend for that matter - when it came we could rush back to our computers and warn the masses.

Nor were we one of the smug ones who wouldn't support a movie that was such trash - or was demeaning our community - or was endangering the lives of all those poor uneducated naive vanillas.

We went to see a movie.  Pure and simple - a m.o.v.i.e. - with an adult rating and (I hoped) lots of luscious sex.

What we saw was - for the most part - a boring movie with amazing cinematography and a great musical score.  The lighting was spectacular!  I can still see the light bouncing off a very erect nipple and it makes my knees weak - no not the nipple - but the lighting!  (ok ok the nipple was pretty good too )

I say boring cause truthfully I was there for the scenes in the "red room" not the scenes about negotiations or the need for safe words or the endless long wordy contract..........

We all went out for coffee after the 2 hour event - and mostly we laughed about inconsistencies.  One of our friends pointed out the stalking scene that has everyone talking.  Mr. Grey shows up in her apartment - in her bedroom - uninvited.  That scene made me laugh - and remember.  Cause - once upon a time - my Sir did just that to me - on a dare - me and my big bratty mouth - He showed up in my bedroom at 3 in the morning ........ all in good fun 

If I had to rate the movie......... I think I would give it a 2 out of 5 - and suggest you wait till it comes out on Netflix or television or some other entertainment outlet.  I definitely will not be going to see any sequels.  It turns out reading the book and letting my imagination draw the images was far more stimulating than having it all laid out in front of me.

I will say though - I don't think we need to fuss over the vanilla folk getting hurt - no need for a " don't try this at home" warning.... unless 3 spanks and a whole lot of licking is dangerous.


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A. Lurker said...

Hi Morningstar,
That could have been my post if I had a blog! Hubby & I went to see it this weekend and I felt as you - the book & my imagination made a much better movie. Also, a lot of the little innuendos and subplots that made the story line interesting were omitted from the movie.

Hubby couldn't believe "I wasted my money on that! What a stupid movie!" Needless to say he won't be attending any sequels.


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