Saturday, December 06, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...........


Just like all the Christmases past - I have decked out The Journey for the holiday season.  

You will notice that I have a couple of very "adult" only pics....... the Grinch one comes from a blog I stumbled across this morning (and have now linked on the left) called Kim's Kinky Korner.  I thought it was perfect - absolutely perfect - for our Whoville Christmas!!

Check out Kims site for other cartoons and pictures - and articles to read as well :)  

Now that the blog is decorated - let the fun begin!!


Sir said...

Nice, very nice changes, if Christmas could only last ALL year right???


morningstar said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh Sir - you are really sucking up (no pun intended) to get your fudge aren't you??? LOL

"last ALL year" (rolling eyes) that's a little over the top!

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