Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Clouds Parted

It would seem every time there are clouds blocking our  (not just mine but our) view - the sun does come out again.  We pick ourselves up - brush ourselves off - and head back into the 'fight' that is life.

On Thursday morning W headed out to run some messages.  When he arrived home around noon - I met him at the door.  He was carrying a large bouquet of flowers.  I asked - why - W answered (typical male) "the house needed some flowers - *I* wanted flowers in the house" 

And I of course cried

The clouds had finally parted and the sun was peaking through - and most importantly I realized we WILL face whatever comes - weather the storm - wait for the clouds to pass and the sun to shine again.

Just a small note here - I have been looking around the "community" both here and in other cities where we have friends and it would seem (to me anyway) that a lot of couples are facing the cloudy times.... and I am sad to say a goodly number of them are not working together - hanging on to each other tightly - until the clouds pass.  They are ending relationships (some as long as 20+ years)  It really does make me sad.  le sigh - why is it the grass always seems so much greener on the other side of that proverbial fence??


Last evening - instead of doing the 3 hour round trip to a munch - we decided to head out to dinner here in Kingston.  W had me pick one of 2 Indian Restaurants.  God I love Indian food!!  

And despite the clouds parting - despite the flowers for the house - I tried to kill W.  (cheeky grin).  W LOVES spicy food... and often complains - especially with my cooking - that there isn't enough spice.  So last evening as we sat reading the menu - I suggested W might enjoy the vindaloo ...........I told him it was very HOT and he took my suggestion and ordered the beef vindaloo.  

 We shared a nice platter of mixed appetizers.  I commented that the 'sausage'  (looked a whole lot more like one of miss ashes' hair balls) was quite spicy.  W tasted it - crinkled up his nose and said "not even close"

Our dinner arrived - a nice basmati rice dish, naan, his vindaloo and my lamb korma.  W took one bite of the vindaloo and................. his face went beet red and he started hiccuping ( I tried very hard not to giggle) I looked up from my lamb korma and asked if he was alright.  He was downing a glass of water.  I waited for the perspiration to form on his forehead - for tears to roll down his cheeks - ya see I knew it was hot - though I will admit I didn't know it WAS that hot!!

The waitress came over.  We both tried to get W to agree to putting some yogurt on/in the dish.  He refused and took another bite.  I have never seen W eat a meal so slowly - but more importantly I have NEVER seen W leave food on his plate and refuse a doggy bag.  At some point I realized vindaloo was way too hot............ not the type of "hot" W is used to.  He enjoys hot Cajun and hot Indian is VERY different indeed.

He waited for me to finish up my delightful lamb korma and then we headed to Dairy Queen where he had an ice cream cone - and finally declared the fire in his mouth out! 

It is wonderful to be back in the sunshine again.

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