Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Women Unite

"I have SAM in my pants" - whispers one female to another.  "I have SAM in my pants right now"  and then she pulls a panty liner out of her purse.

I have watched that ad many times and each time it made my blood boil.  W wrote to Kimberly-Clark and commented on the SAM ad.  Kimberly-Clark answered back that in their experience women respond much better to a light hearted approach to loss of bladder control.  WTF??!!!!

Once the dust had settled around here and my blood pressure sorta returned to normal I wondered why it is only women are being lead to accept light bladder leakage - not  men too?? What men never have that problem???

Got news for you - and Kimberly-Clark - they most definitely do - when they have a tumour in the bladder.  And because they haven't been lulled into believing it is ok to have light bladder leakage - they go to the doctor.  Women on the other hand go buy pretty panty liners with cute names like SAM - instead of going to the doctor.

When I first started to notice some leakage when I coughed - or sneezed - my immediate thought was 'joy oh joy - old lady bladder'.  I made a mental note that when it got bad I would mention it to the doctor.  'Cause after all, we all know - from ads and friends - that women get leakage - it's to be expected/accepted.

It just makes me angry - ya know.  We women are taught to accept so many different things as "our lot in life".  Companies make huge profits selling us "stuff" that will mask those leaks - hide that smell.  BUT not one company says "whoa... maybe you should go get that (fill in the blank here) checked out with a doctor.

We women have to start educating ourselves - talking about the "embarrassing" things that start happening - really at any age........... We have to stop believing everything we see/hear in advertisements.  AND stop buying placebos


day 23 of 365


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