Thursday, May 29, 2014

Time Travel Part 2

Ever since I moved here to Kingston - when we are on the East side - I have seen  this - for lack of a better term  - a grain silo against the city back drop.  W and I were out looking for some car wash place he wanted to investigate a week or so ago and we drove right past this grain silo thingy.  Only thing is it wasn't a grain silo - but a Farm Feed Depot.  AND best of all - it was all boarded up.

So that was my second photo shoot on Monday.  (day 19 of 365)

When I drove up I was very disappointed to see it had a brand new chain link fence around the front of it.  I did a mental shrug, got out of the car - and decided to shoot what I could.

The one thing I learned in my photograph class was to ALWAYS walk around your subject - taking pictures from every angle - cause ya just never know............ 

So I started my "hike" around the fence - snapping a picture here and a picture there.  When I got around to the back side of the depot - lo and behold - someone had ripped the entire chain link fence down!!  I was able to get in.  I will admit the heart was pounding slightly as I was now officially trespassing - first   time EVER!!

As I got closer to the building I saw that a couple of doors had been ripped open and some boards pulled off windows.  YAY!  I was actually going to be able to get into the building........ see the insides - take pictures of the insides

I casually took pictures (playing it cool in case some unknown someone was watching me) as I worked my way over to the open door........... 

As I approached the door and peered in - I remembered the advise a photographer had given me about deserted building photo shoots - NEVER  GO ALONE.  yeah well it was just me, myself and I - I mean how many people do you know want to go trekking around dirty old buildings??? 

I stuck my head in.  It was dark and gloomy.  I moved onto the landing of the stairs leading down into the bowels of the building.  And right then it hit me - the STENCH,  It smelled like rotting decaying........something.  It made me gag.  I totally lost my resolve to explore the interior of the building.  (didn't take much did it??)  I pulled back thrust my camera in and snapped a picture of the interior - that's as good as it got................

Then I moved around to the side of the building and took some more pictures while I took deep breathes of the fresh air and waited for my heart to stop pounding. (Maybe I am not cut out to shoot abandoned buildings?)  


And  that was it for the Farm Feed Depot.  I walked back to my car.  Ready to move on to the next adventure................. 

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