Saturday, May 10, 2014


My body has awakened from a long winter nap.  I hardly noticed the first stirrings of need - but the last few days my teeth have been on edge - the need is so strong.  I want - no, need - no, crave and need - a spanking.... a flogging... PAIN!!!

I close my eyes and can feel the flogger biting into my ass.  I can feel W's hands caressing the redness - pinching it - kneading it.  I can feel my body twitching and twirling and dancing with  the pain.  I can feel the heat building deep in my lower belly - rising - bubbling - boiling...................

I guess the healing process is well underway - and the "itch" is proof positive


Day 3 of 365


1 comment:

Sharon S said...


Sounds like you are getting better (remember to play nice). Love the photo!

Hugs, Sharon

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