Monday, May 12, 2014


Mother's Day - blech!!

I know I know - in this day and age that statement above is almost as bad - no maybe worse - than  saying "Christmas bah humbug!!"  I may land up getting myself run out of town on a rail for saying it.............

BUT - and I have said this before on here - WHY Mother's Day?? or Father's Day?? or Grandparents day??? huh??? why????

It just really bugs me.  

And what is it with everyone and his brother wishing you "Happy Mother's day"?? are they your children too??? shouldn't only your own children wish you "Happy Mother's Day"??? 

And what if your kids forget??? or just don't DO Mother's Day - does that mean you were a rotten Mom??? Do you then land up feeling guilty - self recrimination for all those "bad" things you did as a Mom??? 

Or what about all those potential moms out there - who more than anything wanted to be a "Mom" and couldn't for whatever reason....... and what about all those Moms out there who (dear god in heaven) should never have become a "Mom"??

And what happens (as is the case here ) where I live 3 hours from my children.  Is my daughter (who is a Mom too) supposed to load up 3 kids and drive for 3 hours to spend some time with me?? OR (as was the case this year) am I supposed to drive the 3 hours to have a meal - be with my daughter and the grandkids and my daughter's mother in law - all so we can say we DID Mother's Day??!!


Day 5

more work with the macro lens



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Sir said...

I strongly believe that if families are in different towns then they should rotate yearly visits ( as long as budgets will allow ).


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