Friday, April 11, 2014

Shocking and Offensive

Now that I have your attention (cheeky grin)

I was over on Heart and Soul this morning............ and for some reason I read the "warnings" - you know what I mean - all of us who write "adult only" blogs tend to have some form of warning in the heading.  Ronnie has these words in her warning "but will never intentionally offend or shock"

Those words got me thinking........... have I ever shocked or offended?? And I suspect at one time or another I have shocked or offended someone........... that's just the nature of the beast right??? What is ok for one may not be ok for another.  

I remember having dinner with some "lifestyle" friends one evening eons ago and the discussion came round to our newest toys - newest kinks.  And W and I were sharing - quite animatedly - I must admit - our love of needle play.  Neither of us noticed the other sub going a bit pale until she stood up from the table and flew to the bathroom.  (and no it wasn't my cooking that had brought about her quick departure)  It turned out she has a massive aversion to needles  -  any type of needles - medical - play.......... 

W and I apologised when she came back and of course changed the topic.  She apologised for rushing from the table and "ruining" the happy discussion.  BUT we did not intentionally set out to shock or offend.

I believe this happens more than we know........ at play parties.. at munches... over coffee and dinner.  As the expression goes "shit happens".  I don't like to think that anyone sets out with the intention of shocking or offending (well most civilized people that is) which sort of/kind of brings us back to the post I wrote earlier this week "Cheeky".  

Have we become a society that feels the need to take responsibility for everyone's feelings???  Will we start watering down everything - censoring everything - for fear of offending or shocking someone??? IF it is an adult activity - or adult content - why must we have watch dogs to protect the easily offended??? Why can't we each make our own decisions about what we wish to view / listen to ???

I don't set out to offend or shock - BUT  - I don't do anything to prevent it either.

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Blondie said...

Write what you want and if someone is offended, they don't have to read or comment. That is my thought. I had been worried about offending some of my followers and was keeping my posts somewhat clean. Then I stopped worrying and editing. This is your blog, write whatever you want. Needle play? I haven't heard of that before. Please share.

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