Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More changes

Well the changes have started again..... the landscapers arrived bright and early yesterday to start work on the back yard.

Just to remind you - this is what the yard looked like from the house to the back fence

 They were here for almost 8 hours - here's what happened..... 

8:30 am the truck arrived

 the trees bushes and equipment were off loaded 

                                              the sod was removed 

                               the gardens were dug 
                        and the bushes/trees placed

                                  and then they were done for the day.......

Today the finishing touches will be added......... and I will have my back garden to putter in and sit and read in............. 


Sir said...

Now, I will have to install an intercom system or get a very long leash to pull on from the house to the new garden so I don't have to yell for service..


Anonymous said...

the yard looks very nice

little monkey said...

It's going to be wonderful when those trees get some growth.


I could rant for an hour about why this is just about the worst time of year to plant trees and shrubs but I won't. Enjoy your garden, put loads of water on the new plantings every time it is dry for two days at a time and next time you are shelling out good money for stuff like this, in the garden, look for a firm that has a better idea of when to plant appropriately.


Sue said...

Cute little trees and bushes! What fun it will be to watch them all grow over the next few years.


keth said...

I hope it grows wonderfully and becomes the garden you dream of... when you're that way inclined (as I am too) there is nothing like a garden, and pottering around in one, to give you a sense of calm and peace.

Enjoy and cherish!!

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