Monday, July 08, 2013

In My World

I have never hidden the fact that I tend to see the world through "rose coloured glasses" .  Unfortunately those glasses tend to land me in a whole mess of trouble some times.

I am retired.  I decided that I could now invest a whole lot more of my time in the BDSM community here in Kingston.  (if they needed me of course)   Sometime around Christmas at a local munch - I put out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in a submissive support group.  I had run one in Montreal - and it had been quite successful if I do say so myself.

To my surprise it didn't take much work on my part to get folks signing up for this group in Kingston.  Oh I had my nay sayers - Doms who made no bones about my not being allowed to organise this group under the umbrella of their group.

"Their group" - this is a situation that boggles my mind.  In a small town they have not one BDSM group - but 3 !!  and most do not mix / cross the lines from one group to another. And of course there is this huge competition between groups - who has the best education program  - who has the best munches - who has the play parties !!! (rolling eyes) Of course those boundaries never stopped W or myself.  If we felt like going to a munch - we didn't much care whose munch it was - we went!  

So when I mentioned this sub group.. I had the nay sayers but I also had some Doms pressuring me to start this group - and IF I would like I could start it under the umbrella of their group.  I declined each offer.  This group I wanted to start would be non-partisan so that all submissives/slaves/bottoms would feel welcome!!  I believe in inclusion not exclusion!


I have officially been living here for one week.  While I was commuting we held two sub group meetings - which was difficult for me to organize and show much enthusiasm for.. but hell we got it done!  Now I am planning the next meeting for next Saturday.  In this past week as a resident of Kingston I have had 2 submissives approach me and suggest they would like to attend the meeting - BUT - they feel they might not be welcome because of their past/present affiliation,  UGH!!   I took a stand and said if they wished to come to the meeting - and they were coming for the support and camaraderie of a like minded group then they were most welcome.

In My World exclusion just doesn't exist.  In My World!

I thought I had things handled and under control - when this weekend I received a message from a Dom on Fetlife saying she might attend the sub meeting.  HUH??!!  She claims once upon a time she used to be a slave and she could offer a lot to the group.  (got much of an ego??)  I politely told her that no she couldn't come - her sub - who does attend - is more than welcome - but Doms are not allowed.  Simple rule - at least it seems a simple rule In My World!

But now I am looking over the top of my rose coloured glasses and am wondering if this Dom wants to take credit for the sub group - it fits very nicely into her education project............ oh dear god............ go away - just go away.  I don't want or need the drama or politics.  It has occurred to me that IF I want to keep this group free from the drama and politics of this small town I AM going to have to take a stand...........gonna need to put my rose coloured glasses down - step out of my comfort zone - my world and face the real world... the nasty ego driven world.

Give me strength! 


little monkey said...

It sounds to me like a worthy cause to take a stand for. You go girl!

morningstar said...

@little monkey - you make me smile.. i read your blog about the sub group near you - and your butterflies about going ....... shame on you!! you should go girl !! you should !!

Ordalie said...

@little monkey
I tried to access your blog but no way! It seems it's really very private.

morningstar said...

w - if you came back looking for your nasty comment - it's not here - i won't publish anything.. ANYTHING... from you ! and yeah that's exclusion - but you need to be excluded until you learn how to play nice

morningstar said...

again w??!! more like STILL w???!!

i will be so damn glad when you lose your internet access again (Warren tells me you have access for 3 months??!!) and can't come lurking around my blog leaving nasty messages

you really are fucked up

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