Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't get it...

Nope I honestly don't get it.. there are some pretty weird kinks out there.  And after 20+ years in the kink community I honestly thought I had seen it all.

There are the "littles"

There is some discussion in Montreal - around play parties and the "littles" coming to them and playing.  Turns out some of the straight (for lack of a better term) players are complaining.  They say it feels like they are playing in front of children.  I was thinking these grown littles must be very good actors to make others feel like they are violating the "no children" rule.  I mean they are consenting adults.  

What I have a problem with - is a little more complicated (I think)  I wonder about the "daddies" and "mommies" that feel the need to play with children.  I have great trouble wrapping my head around getting turned on by changing diapers or cuddling a 4 year old or discipling a 4 year old (or whatever age the little is playing at)   Could be because I spent most of my career rescuing children from abusive homes - shrug - I am not sure.  BUT in all fairness I wouldn't NOT play if some littles were there,

There are the "furries" 

Now they are a whole 'nother story.  These "furries" were wondering around the Buskers festival on the weekend.  I have no idea if they are actual furries - or just mascots.  BUT there are folks who dress up as animals and do their thing.  What I learned about them I learned from CSI ( yes yes the television show!!)  So I am definitely no expert on them.  But I have to admit "I don't get it". 

And now there is "worming" 

Wanna know more about worming??? Here's a link - read it if you dare.  I believe I first read about this on Hermine's Heart - but I couldn't find it when I went back looking (I really should jot down urls when I am gonna quote)   There is something just plain wrong with this..... never mind the possibility of passing along infections but - REALLY - licking eyeballs???!!!  and yeah I know it is in Japan not North America - but seriously how long do you think it is gonna take to get here??? I have visions (excuse the pun) of the next big workshop here in the Great White North being on "worming" .......... 

What is becoming of my BDSM that I love so much??!!!  (a bit tongue in cheek - so don't jump all over me) I just don't get it!

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tori said...

Oh. well, no its not my cup of tea either, im not sure if i would feel comfortable being around it either.

However i do try to appreciate that not everyone will 'get' the kinks i enjoy..i suppose its simply each to their own.

I hadnt heard of furries though..littles yes.

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