Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yesterday was more than overwhelming - I don't think there is a word to describe how full my heart was when I closed my office door.

It had been an afternoon of last goodbyes - to staff and parents and to "my" kids.  

At noon I was summoned to the staff room where the administration and all the teaching staff had gathered.  My principal made the presentation - talking about how most of the staff didn't know the real "me" that I keep that "me" pretty well hidden.  But that she had considered herself very lucky to have been given a glimpse of the "real me" - the me that worked hard for the kids - put the kids first in all things - that cried when they cried and rejoiced when they succeeded.  She had me in tears.......... it's funny how I always thought I kept my deepest feelings buried so that no one would/could see ......... but she had seen it - recognized and valued it.  

Then they presented me with the biggest EVER gift basket - filled with cookies and treats and liqueurs and bubble bath and big thick towels......... and 2 gift cards that will allow me to purchase anything I want for the new house.  

I think I am a very lucky woman - to have worked in my chosen profession for so many years and walked away - head high - proud of the work I have done.  

Then two of my best friends at school "kidnapped" me and took me out to dinner... we spend 3 hours feasting and laughing and talking / gossiping.  It was more than a little difficult to say goodbye when they dropped me at my car.  

And so the year winds down.  Next week I have some paper to clear up - my office to empty and the door to lock.

It has truly been a good run!


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Sarah said...

How amazing!! The end of a chapter, not the book. And what a high you're going out on. I'm sure you're leaving behind some pretty big shoes to fill. What an exciting time in your life as you make this final move and start a new chapter.
Best wished!

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