Friday, January 20, 2012


I have exactly 7 minutes till I have to leave to go back to work (don't even ask why only 7 minutes it would take too long to explain)

So I decided to see if I could bang out a blog entry in 7 minutes or less.... 

I start work real early - REAL early!!!  Like before the sun is up these days.... and usually when I arrive the school is virtually empty.

This morning I made a 'pit stop' in the ladies room on my way to my office.  (I even had to turn the lights on)

As I pulled my pants down... my clit jewelry moved.... a nice sensual rolling move... that had my heart pounding in 30 seconds or less..... I remembered a time when I would have contemplated a quick masturbation session in the privacy of the bathroom stall....... I sat there thinking how nice it would be.. and oh how naughty it would be!!

And no one would know............ 

My hands strayed to my jewelry and rolled it round - tugging on it slightly - the heat in my belly roared into a full on boil.............. yes my god I wanted - NO needed - one quickie.. 

Did I ?? 


Didn't I???


BlazngScarlet said...


well, I know I would have! ;D

Renee' said...

I dont know if you did but after reading your post I might :)

Florida Dom said...

I am saying you did and hope you enjoyed it.


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