Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Details........

Yesterday I told you how our "Kinky New Year's Day Open House" was really designed to be a surprise party for W's BIG birthday.  The one he keeps informing everyone has made him an official 'senior citizen' .

I spent a lot of time over the month of December figuring out what foods to serve - but especially what type of Birthday cake to make. I mean I love traditional cakes - with icing..... but this birthday cake was not for me......... so I had to find something that I knew W loved - really loved.  I finally stumbled across a recipe for ' gingerbread cheesecake'   W loves cheesecake - more than loves - has bloody orgasms over it!!! 

(I was very pleased cause it really did look just like the picture in the magazine)

With that settled I started in on the menu - the food had to be easy to eat (standing up or in your lap ) cause I had invited 18 people (plus W and myself) and there was no way in hell I was gonna get that many around my dining room table.  

We started off with the boring /standard / everyone's favourite of chips and nachos with salsa.  
* About 30 minutes after that was put out I brought out a steaming hot french  onion with cheese dip and baguettes.  
 *About 30 minutes after that I brought out a HUGE platter of jumbo shrimp - cold - with dipping sauce.
* About 10 minutes after the shrimp I brought a platter of old fashioned pigs in a blanket - not the new fangled hot dogs in crescent rolls - or puff pastry - but real sausages wrapped in pastry with a mustard dipping sauce.
*  At the same time I brought my crock pot full of miniature meatballs in barbeque and pineapple sauce
* and then I started on the crowd stopper - fried ravioli with dipping sauce.  

More than a few gathered round me in the kitchen curious about the large vase filled with uncooked rice....... and watched as I fried up the ravioli and put them on skewers and stood them in the vase.

Everyone seemed totally impressed with the presentation - as well as the taste.  I do know all my food was enjoyed as I had virtually nothing left to put away - just a handful of meatballs.  Every other platter was licked clean !!!

In the past I have not tried to guide or engineer the Open House in any way - just letting the mood of the crowd dictate the party.  I was so busy in the kitchen for most of the party - that I didn't witness what the hell W did - but two friends (Dommes) said he was being very cheeky and asking for IT.  They asked me if there were any ropes in the house.  I couldn't help but smile - cause W was - IS - the worst rope slut I have ever met.... When I first met him some 15 years ago - that is all he was into - tying people up or being tied up.  

I went off in search of some bondage ropes.  W had tucked some into his overnight bag... so I dragged them downstairs and offered them up to the Dommes with my blessing........ and a wicked grin at W...(I couldn't help but think - that this was the BEST birthday present anyone could give him)

There was a whole lot of laughter over the tying up of W - from everyone!! 

(irreverent much??!!)

And being W......... he was busy wiggling out of the ropes almost faster than they were tying them on ............ He was challenged to open his presents and eat his cake in the rope handcuffs and feet restraints......... and of course he succeeded !!!

Once that was done........ a male submissive popped himself down on the floor and said "me next"........... to be honest.... I am not sure how I felt about a naked male rolling around on my living rug........... I don't much like ummmmmmm how to put this politely - messes / drips or spills to clean up the next day.  It would have been much more socially acceptable (in my opinion) if - besides all his toys that he brought - if he had had a large towel to lie on........ rather than my rug.

But I just smiled indulgently and let what happen happen....... though in future I might just well run and grab one of my own beach towels........

All in all I think the evening was a huge success... W got some fun presents - one especially meant for both of us (and hopefully W will post pics of it on his blog - hint hint!!!) And everyone seemed to enjoy themselves........


Sir said...

I have taken your hints morningstar and posted to My blog about the new present ☺


ps: The link to My blog is at the top of this blog..

Anonymous said...

You are such a great cook and I love the presentation!!

It looks like a big success!!

Hope you are over your cold soon.



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