Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season

The reindeer stand forlornly outside with their limp red ribbons, the rain is falling yet again.  The night skies have been so foggy or smoggy - there have been no bright stars shining.  The Christmas Carols on the radio sound tinny and out of tune.  

I keep hearing a line from a song going round round in my head 
"We need a little Christmas right this very moment - We need a little Christmas NOW"

It honestly doesn't feel like Christmas around here.  The presents are all wrapped and snuggled under the Christmas tree (which just for the record - has put miss ashes totally out of sorts - that's where she naps - that's the window she always looks out - now there are BOXES ??!!) The Christmas food shopping is done and just waiting for me to turn all those ingredients into Christmas treats.  I have my scented candles burning each evening.

And yet - the Christmas spirit has not arrived - at least not in my heart. I think perhaps it might be the lack of snow... the mild spring like temperatures and rain  make it feel anything but Christmasy  (not that I am wishing for sub-zero temps day after day - OR - major snow storms that shut down the city).

But today I have booked off a few hours from school.  Today I am going out to the Island to see my 2 eldest grandsons in the school Christmas concert. The eldest grandson is in the Christmas play.  He had hoped to be picked to be Rudolph - but he is an elf.  From what I hear - he is proud to be an elf - and has thrown himself into the part wholeheartedly. 

Middle grandson - affectionately known as PigPen - is singing in the concert.   I didn't know he could sing.  (Ok ok maybe the operative word here is.. WOULD sing .... ) 

There is one thing about children's concerts that I love.  They aren't perfect.  They never are........ no matter how many rehearsals you have .. no matter how much they practice.... they are never perfect.  There is always one (or two or three) children doing their own thing.... that makes it perfect in my eyes !!

I remember one year - many many moons ago - when I was in charge of the Christmas pageant at our Church.  One of my angels - a 4 year old angel - got stage fright and wouldn't go on.. I remember his mom having a mini breakdown... I whispered in his ear and promised him IF he went on stage with the other angels - I would make sure he got a cookie and juice.  He walked out on stage perfectly.  He looked amazing!!! He turned and even smiled at the audience. his biggest ..loudest voice .... he said "I did it !  Now can I have my cookie ????"  He stole the show.

I also remember the year I was pregnant with my first.  (She was due in January so I was VERY pregnant) and our Mary wouldn't walk up the main aisle to take her rightful place on the stage.  She kept saying over and over and over - "I'm going to throw up"

Well we couldn't have a Christmas pageant without a Mary........ so I grasped her hand and told her to squeeze tight... and I walked down the aisle with her ........ poor Joseph was relegated to following behind.  There were more than a few snickers to see my pregnant form escorting Mary to her place of honour.  

So today I am hoping for a mini Christmas miracle.  I am hoping an hour or so of watching and listening to a group of children put on their Christmas concert - will stamp a little Christmas spirit in this old heart of mine.  

Tis the Season - after all !!!


abby said...

I got to see and hear my 3 year old grandaughter in her first Christmas concert this worked its magic on me! abby

Vixen B-Ab said...

As I was watching my youngest in her 6th grade band concert last night I was searching in vain for my Christmas spirit. Then I saw a couple of little ones dancing down in front of the seats to what was being played. All dressed in Christmas finery, they sang along to Rudolf and Frosty, not caring that the clarinets were squeaking or that one of the drummers was out of sync. It was Christmas and that was all they needed to be joyful.

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