Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It always happens somewhere else - never in my world... I have watched aggression and violence strike at different schools.. different families.. different communities.. but never ever has it come close to home......... 

Today I lost my rose coloured glasses.... Today that world - the out there world - came into my world.

At noon today one of my educators came flying in yelling for me to come quick............

A man had biked into the school yard - right into the middle of about 200 kids.  One of my educators approached him and asked him to leave....... He lost it.... started yelling and cursing and scaring everyone .......... that's when I came in............. what happened next doesn't really matter.......... he left ..... and no one got hurt.

I was shaking......... but what upset me the most was the reaction of the 200 kids in the yard.  They were really traumatized - honest he made that much nonsense....... they all knew / saw what happened.

I spent the rest of the lunch hour and a long bit afterwards working with my principal calming every one down......... Tomorrow we will deal with the fall out from the parents.... 

Late this afternoon while I was standing at my usual post at the bottom of a stairwell saying goodbye to the kids ......... one older kid asked me if I "got him" .. I smiled and said "yeah I got him.. I took care of him .. we are all ok" He grinned at me and said "well if YOU took care of him he won't be back" 

It's kinda scary how trusting these kids are.. trusting that I really would be able to protect them from some nut case who rides into the school yard.  

Anyway.......  without my rose coloured glasses..... it really is a scary world out there.


swan said...

We can't make the world safe for kids -- or for ourselves. We can assure them that we will be attentive, work to protect them, and be there to help them figure out what to do when things are scary.

I'm glad that you are all OK.


littlemonkey said...

Those kids are lucky to have you. Everyone needs someone to believe in. Even if it shook your world, you can still be a rock in theirs.

I'm glad everyone is ok.

Buffalo said...

Looking at the world through those rose colored glasses isn't so much a good thing.

Obviously I'm glad you're okay and perhaps more importantly, the kids are okay. Both kind of/sort of.

BlazngScarlet said...

I wish I had something inspirational or witty to help you feel better, but I don't.
The real world is a very scary place ... and getting scarier with each passing day.

I'm just vary happy that the kids and YOU are SAFE.

viemoira said...

Wow that is scary. The world can be a scary place and that is the reality of it. Glad all ended well and no one was hurt. And it probably is not so much that you can save them from it all but more that they no you will protect them at all costs.

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