Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Oooooooooops is never a good word .... ever!!!

I love corsets - I am even willing to say I have a corset fetish... I love being tightly tied into them (especially now that I have the right boning - one that doesn't dig in ) 

I go to the website and drool....... honest to god I do !!! I had some credit coming from the company and so - I admit it - I ordered two more corsets.  Corset fetish??? You betcha !!!

Her prices are fantastic.... her service unbelievable ... and well her corsets are to die for.  And because I am so nice... and my mother always taught me to share ... I will share her website with you......... just in case someone else has a corset fetish....... her website is Inner Diva.  

Ok so now I have bored you all to death... here's the point to this blog...

On Saturday I planned to wear my new corset - the black and white flocked one that I bought Fetish Weekend.  I brought it downstairs to W and I kinda slung it around me and presented myself to W to do up the front .. and then lace up the back good and tight.

Then I twirled and swirled and got W to take pictures of it.. all the while the song "I feel pretty and witty " was going round and round in my head.  

Off we went to the party.

I guess we had been there for about an hour or so ..when another submissive asked me if I knew I had my corset on upside down................. yes UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

You'd think - wouldn't you - for someone (that someone being me) who loves corsets so much - would be able to tell top from bottom ... wouldn't you???!!!!

Fortunately she took me into the small cramped bathroom and we managed to get the corset off.. and back on....... right side up......... 

For your viewing pleasure - and laughter.. here I am in the upside down corset.......
 (trust me when I say - it looks AND feels a whole lot better the right way round)


Hisflower said...

lol.. that is SOOOO something i would do!~

BlazngScarlet said...

I'd do that too.
Especially being sooooo excited at wearing it! =)

THANKYOU soooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing the link to her site!
I can feed MY corset fetish! =)

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