Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Things will get better right??? My headache will finally stop right??

I am trying to learn the accounting program.......... ouch my head hurts... 

I just think I have it mastered and then an error window will drop down and stop me in my tracks.

Damn I wish I had an accountant on a leash that I can yank when I need him.... 

OH WAIT .. I sorta kinda do.. 

I paid extra for the software - the extra was a year's worth of free help.... brilliant right?? 


They aren't available 24/7 and I tend to work at weird hours.. 


I am brain dead when I try to work on the program (yeah yeah I know not the best time to do it) and don't want to call the help line cause I will sound like a total dim wit or even worse - burst into tears... 

And that's the news for today........


PKB said...

Maybe keep a word or wordpad doc open and type your notes and questions on them as they occur to you?

I couldn't do it. Kudos to you!!


drakor66 said...

what accounting package did you get?

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