Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My "other" life

Yes yes I actually have a life outside of BDSM - spankings sex and all that good stuff.  It is called "vanilla life".  And sometimes causes a difficult balancing act........ but we do try!

A couple of weeks ago - or maybe it was  a week ago - who knows and I am too lazy to go back check my blogs to find out when - I mentioned that I was going to start tutoring middle grandson to help get him ready for Kindergarten.  

Now for those of you with some knowledge of children - he is a very young 4.... very young.  He doesn't turn 5 until the end of September - which will make him one of the youngest in Kindergarten.  It is also important to note (I think) that he is the middle child. There are loads and loads of articles written about the "middle child syndrome" ........ most of it is true........... not because they come from bad parents ....... or parents who don't care ......... no it's more that they have the unfortunate position of having an elder sibling and a younger sibling....... and somehow they get a little lost in the every day shuffle of raising 3 (or more) children.

'Pigpen' (as W and I have come to call him affectionately) has won a special place in my heart........  So it was that a week ago I started driving out to the island 3 times a week to help him get ready for Kindergarten.  

I would say we are making progress............ not as much as I would like.......... but I keep reminding myself - he is learning more skills than if I hadn't started this "tutoring".  A week ago he had no idea how to hold a pencil - how to control his "writing" - how to colour inside the lines (and yeah yeah I know - sometimes it is good to 'colour outside the lines' - but not if it is because you can't stay within the lines!)

I told him that he is the boss of the pencil - the pencil is not the boss.  So now when the writing isn't going all that well - he leans down and whispers to the pencil "I AM THE BOSS" 

He struggles making straight lines ......... but is very good at making circles..... go figure!!

He talks incessantly about his video games - and his cousin - and his brothers - all the while he is writing.  So honestly it is really no wonder he doesn't remember what letter we did 5 minutes ago........never mind 5 days ago.  

If I ask what word starts with a hah sound (letter H) he says - confidently - ANT.  He isn't getting letter sounds - but that's ok......... he is learning how to write - sort of.  He is learning to move from left to right (in his writing and in looking at a calendar ) He is learning that work is hard - BUT - it doesn't have to be scary - and it can actually be fun.  

He is learning who I am ......... and I am learning who he is.  And that is a very good thing.

And I am remembering how much I love to teach........... cause ya know - no matter how many times you feel like you're not getting it across - something happens and you realize that some lessons are learned that you never intended to teach.  

I like to think that dear sweet 'pigpen' is learning that he has a special place in this family.  Big brother and baby brother are NOT allowed to visit us when we are working.  Pigpen is calling it "school time!" and I think he enjoys being able to shoo everyone away.  

School starts in 3 weeks for him...... it is going to be a challenging and yes scary time for him.... I can only hope these few weeks of working with "granny" will help ease the transition from the safety of home and being lost in the shuffle - to being a BIG boy on the BIG school bus - in a BIG school - getting lost in a BIG classroom.

So now I must run - pack up the teaching bag with lipstick for Kisses and Ladybugs and Monkey stickers and head off to the island for another morning of "school stuff".

Today is brought to you by the letters "Kk" "Ll" and "Mm"


BlazngScarlet said...

You're an awesome 'Granny'! =)

If I may make a suggestion, a few years ago, I bought the DVD, Letter Factory by Leap Frog.

I know it's a video, but it's only 35 mins long and it really is a fun video for kids.

Just a suggestion.

Buffalo said...

"Boss of the pencil." I kind of like that. Clever.

morningstar said...

Thanks BlazngScarlet - I have noted the url - BUT - he does have all sorts of learning materials - trust me on that one LOL.. educational is my middle name... the problem is he doesn't seem to learn by osmosis and he doesn't have a whole lot of structure or guidance...

Buffalo - yeah I have my moments of brillance (cheeky grin)

swan said...

It sounds like the two of you are making good progress. Keep on believing in him, and he'll be ready to begin right on schedule in September.

hugs, swan

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