Friday, August 12, 2011

Merry go round

This morning yet another club here in the Great White North posted on FetLife that they are canceling at least one of their last parties if not both.  

As well there have been rumours and innuendo going round about the community here falling apart. "Experts" are climbing over one another to take the lead - to be important in my humble opinion.

This is an article I posted this morning over on FetLife... (just thought I would share)


I am hearing rumours there is a "malaise" in the Montreal BDSM community. I see clubs closing left right and center. I see people "disappearing" from public view. I am hearing discontent and discouragement.
I do not have any answers - that is not why i am writing this.........

i am writing because age does have to have some worth........ (besides a good excuse to tease - cheeky grin)

I have been around the Montreal BDSM community for over 20 years. Sir and i and a couple of others used to organize monthly munches - we would have between 40 and 60 people. The clubs were packed. Hell i even ran a submissive support group - with 40 submissives showing up once a month for meetings. And yet even then - with all the supposed enthusiasm - there was discontent. The clubs closed - the munches dwindled - people just "disappeared". It was blamed on the "two solitudes" (which for the record i did NOT believe!!)

It is like being on a merry-go-around. I sit on my carousel horse and i watch as the scenery around me changes and the more it changes the more it stays the same.

This "malaise" is not new. Despite what everyone likes to think - it is NOT new. It is life.
People come into a group full of enthusiasm and hope and new ideas.......... and then it all grows 'old' and they back off - disappear - but someone new is always there to take their place.

Despite what we think/believe - we have not invented a better wheel. The wheel is still a wheel and will keep turning.......... things will change and change again............

The one constant - the BDSM community will remain - and so will the rumours of discontent - and the rumours of "malaise" . That is just the way it is.......


Buffalo said...

Sounds like a cycle to me. Either that or the ebbing of a "fad." Yeah, I believe that a lot of people jump into things simply because it seems like a trendy thing to do - makes them feel important, intelligent, and on the cutting edge.

viemoira said...

Weird- same is happening here in Maine. A play party we frequent is stopping the monthly gatherings...

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