Friday, May 20, 2011


Well despite my ability to lose track of the days from time to time...... I do know that it is Friday today.  And the reason I know that ........ is ....... because I am going to W's this weekend..... and tomorrow we are going to a play party.

I love the venue of this play party.  The couple that organizes these parties hold them in their home.  Except it isn't your usual home - home.  He is an artist and their home is in a  converted garage - which means there is a huge amount of room to play..,.,. and high ceilings so whips can be used,  He also has some of the most original large equipment I have ever seen.  Not your usual stale spanking benches or St Andrew's crosses (oh he has those too but............ ) he also has a huge tree trunk in the area - with eye bolts attached to hang your sub from.  He has what I call a "ladder" that is suspended from the ceiling by chains and fastened to the floor at just the right angle - so one can sort of lie against it and it supports your entire body.    He has a rope ladder thingy that goes from floor to ceiling and always makes me think I am on a pirate ship when I see it.  It can hold at least two subbies comfortably - leaving room for the Doms to play.  

There are loads of seating areas - and an eating area - and no one seems to worry too much about protocols or DM's or rules  (only if you really want them) He and his wife go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun - and check in with everyone throughout the evening.

I spent this morning fussing over what I will wear tomorrow evening.  My "fet wear" is limited at best - and summer fet wear is nearly non-existent.  I have settled on a white corset with white lacy stockings and a white thong and my new white open toed heels.  
Of course I do have two black corsets and black stockings - but i don't have a pair of  plain black thongs. Honestly I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the 3 pairs I have - one pair has multi coloured butterflies on them - another has a rainbow pattern on them and the other has white polka dots.  Not a plain black one in the lot.  I really need to get out and find a pair of plain sexy black thongs.

Despite everything I DO know about the event tomorrow evening - from clothes to venue to guests - there is still a HUGE sense of the unknown.  And that sense of unknown gives me butterflies and makes me edgy ........ and excited.  That is just part of the thrill of playing..... the unknown.   

So I am off to have a wicked weekend - and I wish for all of you as wicked a weekend as fits your life.............

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Buffalo said...

What to wear, what to wear. The problems one faces as they canoe down the stream of life.

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