Monday, May 23, 2011

Vanilla with a side order of kink........

I was thinking how our weekend was a mixture of vanilla with a side order of kinky fun..... 

On Saturday - just after lunch - I met W at our favourite BDSM shop because I really needed a new pair of plain black thongs.  BUT I have had my eye on an oriental corset they have............ secretly coveting it ........... but afraid it was way out of my price range.  The owners wife helped me find a nice sexy black pair of thongs - and then I let my secret out - Could she show me the oriental corsets - and I quickly explained that I wasn't sure it was slated into my budget right now.............. She pulled out 3 or 4 absolutely gorgeous oriental corsets.  My coveting level topped the all time chart of covetousness.  I let her try a corset on me to find my size ........ and then I asked the price...... (expecting it to be sky high as they only do custom fit oriental corsets).  Imagine my surprise .. delight.. and sheer joy when it was half the price I had figured in my head.  It is on order......... a gorgeous red with black pattern oriental corset.  I also took in my new leather backless dress that is way too big so they can take it in for me.  Two weeks or so and I should have my latest fet wear acquisitions back.

Then Saturday night we got all dressed up (and yes dear Buffalo - I did manage to decide on what to wear!!)and headed off to the play party.  We had great fun!!  It helps when I am feeling confident and sexy in my outfit....... We played for I don't know how long...... and god it was good!!!  Especially when W brought out the gorean whip - I haven't felt that particular whip in ...... for ever !!!!  W did have to ice down my ass when we were finished as I had two particularly hard lumps in each ass cheek (that are still tender today). I would say I am back in top play mode (though I still probably don't go as long - or take quite as much as I used to)  It is nevertheless a big improvement on just over a couple of months ago !!!

Sunday W had a wedding to do (delivering the flowers - not participating per say ) and while he was gone I got busy (being the family gardener that I am) I planted some rather nice pots (if I do say so myself) and positioned them at the bottom of the stairs to the front door.  Then I spread some grass seed and earth on the bare patches of lawn....... and just got finished up when W arrived home.

There was an antique car show in the center of town that we had planned to head down to ........ so off we went.  

Here are just a few of the "arty farty" shots I took of the cars......

 Fire bell on the old fire truck 

                                                                         fuzzy red dice

and no antique car show would be complete without period costumes

Sunday evening we had our first barbeque of the season - steak and baked potatoes - with a side order of spanked ass (with the metal meat flipper) for good measure!!

It was a GREAT weekend !!!

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