Sunday, May 29, 2011

The ants go marching


All you ever needed to know about ants - but never bothered to ask............or truthfully never cared about

I googled (thank god for google) what to do about an ant invasion............. 

Find their entry point - well after hours of searching - I still have NO idea!!

Lay down poison ....... unless of course you have small children or pets - well no poison in my house.....

In lieu of poison - use all purpose spray cleaners (windex is what I used yesterday - when I found that yucky swarming mass of baby ants) 

First spray the ants - then clean up their carcasses - then re-spray the area and wipe - as ants leave a scent for their friends and family to follow.

Stay alert and do this every time you see an ant marching through the house... because as the song goes - the ants go marching one by one hurray hurray  - the ants go marching two by two hurray hurray - the ants go marching three by three - well you get the idea!

Keep your house clean - ants love a dirty house....... sheesh - I think my ants took a wrong turn somewhere cause honestly I don't know how much cleaner I can keep my house !!

Find their ant hill outside - which I will do just as soon as it stops raining long enough to stick my nose out the door !!!! and poison the ant hill (have done that many many times - every spring I think - and they just keep rebuilding.  Industrious stupid lil buggers !!!

So I have been spraying and wiping and spraying some more this morning... found one cheeky bugger climbing up my arm - he's dead trust me!!  Miss Ashes - unlike her brother Squirt - sits perched on the top of the wing back chair in the living room yelping at me to get rid of the monster invasion!!! (Squirt used to eat anything that moved in the house - and stuff that didn't)

My Sunday morning news show gave me a reason to be thankful though...... next week they are discussing bed bugs........ I guess my ant invasion isn't so bad in comparison.........


thanks to google I even found a recipe for chocolate covered ants IF I feel so inclined:


Servings: 8
  • 1742 large ants (if they are small, use 2,044)
  • 3 cups melted chocolate


Prep Time: 16 1/2 days
Total Time: 16 1/2 days
  1. Catch ants at a picnic site and keep them in a glass jar to which you have added a teaspoon of sugar to keep them happy.
  2. (Unhappy ants are liable to go sour before processing.) At home, pick up each ant with tweezers and remove entrails with a small, very sharp knife edge.
  3.  This will take about 400 hours.
  4. If you are in a hurry, eliminate this step; you'll never know the difference.
  5. Dip each ant into melted chocolate and place to drain on waxed paper.
  6. If any of them are still able to crawl off the paper, let them go-- be a good sport

Chocolate anyone???


Sir said...

First off, note to myself not to accept any luncheon or diner dates for a tad...

Second there is a product that can be used on the outside of the house to stop ants from coming in, so next trip to the USA we should look into it..

Shame that Miss Ashes doesn't like them, although if memory serves Me correctly Squirt only played with them and didn't eat them..


Buffalo said...

It's too early in my day to come up with even a slightly snarky comment. Hate it when that happens.

jenpet said...

A pet (and kid safe) substitute for poison when dealing with ants (and a few other various bugs) is chrysanthemum (root) powder. We use it on pets (kills fleas) and pour it on ants and ant-hills to deter the little buggers! Good luck!

alyson said...

A family friend swears by diatomaceous earth for ants. It does seem to be working for her as she put it down Friday and today was down to 2 ants in her house. It's another thing that is pet & kid safe. I know the family friend had it all around the base of cabinets.

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