Wednesday, January 05, 2011

And now for something a little bit different............

Ok...... so I am supposed to be working on tax receipts for my lil private school out on the island (if anyone is interested - I have been working on them since 6:00 am yesterday - though - ok ok - admittedly not continuously)

I also have a load of laundry going... and intend to flip the mattress ... vacuum the main level and oil the wood furniture today.  Those are my plans......... let's all have a good laugh now !!!  

The problem with working in my office on tax receipts - when I am on holidays - is that the computer is right here in front of me... and I tend to get distracted easily and land up wandering around the net.  I also tend to think about blogs that I would like to write.  And that lands me in BIG trouble.

You see the other day I saw this picture on Fetlife.  It was - in a perverted sort of way - beautiful.  It involved toothpicks.  And that got me remembering when Sir tried to stick a whole mess of toothpicks sideways in my ass cheeks .. (hard to explain) It was really done as a joke......... and then kaya and her master got caught up in the joke.. and it turned from joke to challenge.  (We discovered later on.. that this joke/challenge landed up going the route of the net and folks in Europe actually thought it was a real challenge and some took up the torch) 

Anyway........... all that to say... the other day on Fetlife I saw this toothpick picture.  And today instead of addressing envelopes for the damn tax receipts I thought what fun it would be to show you all this picture and get your reaction to it.  (also see if anyone is brave enough to try it)

BUT ya know what? I should have kept addressing envelopes.  First off I couldn't find the damn picture again !!  Then after going through hundreds of photos, and finally going through my friend's latest activities I found it !!!  BUT ..   Fetlife has this safety feature that does not allow you to right click on a photo and save it.  WTF??!!  They're that good??!!

But then I remembered how - a while back - folks were up in arms cause other folks were stealing pictures and claiming credit.  So I figured there had to be a way.  And I don't usually back away from a computer challenge.

So I spent an inordinate amount of time trying everything possible to "steal" this photo.  I copied the whole damn page and put it into a word document. Then I cut the picture out of the page and pasted it to another word document.  BUT then the problems really started.  How to transfer a word document to a jpeg??? (I am sure there is probably a much simpler way - but - hey I like to do things MY way) .  I opened my photo program and tried everything I could think of to change the format to jpeg.  All to no avail.  (you'd better not be scrolling to the bottom to see if I actually did it - that's like reading the last page of a mystery novel !!)  

Then I tried something called "capture" ...... I am not sure what I did..... but the whole screen blinked at me once and there it was.......... all jpeged nicely and sitting in my photo file.  

After all that hard work you had better all appreciate this photo.  

To try and protect my ass... the picture is from Fetlife .... from a person in Russia.  So I doubt there will be any problems.  Besides I don't know enough Russian to write and ask permission to use the picture.

Now who's brave enough to try it???  Do let me know if you do.  Who knows we could get another challenge going.......... how many toothpicks can you hold in your pussy???


Ordalie said...

You have probably pressed the screen capture key, then opened Paint and copied it there.
Then you just have to crop the resulting picture.

drakor66 said...

I will say that the display is quite impressive.

Sir said...

Ahhhhh memories, aren't they wonderful ☺

I do believe we got up to a 179 count of toothpicks holding your ass open. I don't remember doing it for your pussy though..

Now back to fixing a kitchen drawer that has just fallen apart :-(


dara said...

'Print Screen' (button)

Start -> Run -> mspaint (or paste into another photo editing program if you have one)

Ctrl+V and save.

Not that I'd know how to do anything like that...:D

foreskinman said...

No, no, no! While those techniques will work, you're grabbing the decoded image pixels, rather than the source JPEG data. When you save it again as a JPG file, it goes through another round of compression, and loses more quality. This is called "generation loss", and it's why some pics that get passed around on the net end up looking like crap after a while.

Dig into the page source to get the original file's URL. In IE, use View-->Source. In Firefox, it's View-->Page Source.

In there, scroll down until you find a URL starting with "http://cdn", this is the image. Copy that URL and open it all by itself; you should then be able to right-click and save the original file.

Anonymous said...

We got seven in my pussy going horizontal,and we're going to add some diagonal ones soon. We've tried one diagonal and so far neither direction hurts more than the other. We put the seven in and then my Mistress hit my pussy with a ruler...complete pussy pain heaven!

Anonymous said...

Simplest way of copying images off of a "protected" page is just to turn off java, reload the page and then right-click. But why make it simple when you're a masochist, right? ;)

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