Wednesday, March 03, 2010


A good part of the "paper work" of my job is coming up with monthly themes for programs and then coming up with activities etc that are both educational, fun, and work towards molding these children into thinking responsible adults. There are no guidelines set down by the powers who be.... it is just up to me to find them.... so pretty much anything goes.

Now some months are easy - September - back to school/team building, October is Thanksgiving and Halloween, December is Christmas/Holidays, January is generally a winter theme, February this year was easy - Olympics !! April is usually Easter/spring and June is end of year/beach theme. But there are a whole mess of months in between that are not so easy. March is one of them.

i mean other than "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" saying.. and St. Paddy's day....... March is really a blah month. Just before my Spring break i typed into google "March activities for children" just to see if something would jump start the creative juices........ and what did i find?? But a whole website dedicated to March celebrations............ and there are a mess of 'em...... From Dr. Seuss' birthday (my all time favourite author for kids !!) to earmuff day to paper money day .. to Absolutely Incredible kid day.... elevator day......... and on and on it goes............ My creative juices are all fired up and i am busy planning a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration for our PED day on March 22nd - which will be a birthday party for all the kids .............

Yesterday i was reading some of the blogs i read on a regular basis and discovered yet another "Themed Month" for bloggers. i can't help but wonder who comes up with all these themes for bloggers. i mean............ it isn't easy to come up with themes - i know !!

It turns out March is Question and Answer month............

Now i do believe i did this last year...... and got some pretty darn interesting questions to answer......... (it also helped fill a blog entry or two)

So if you have any questions you would like to ask me........... go for it !!

i promise to answer each and every one of them - silly or not - over the next few weeks........ (geeeeeez will i get enough to fill that many blog entries???!!! i am guessing no.......... but hey......... i've nothing to lose (except my self esteem) by asking right??

ok ok i know my life is pretty much an open book here......... but surely there are some questions you have been dying to ask ............ ok one question you are dying to ask??

So plop your questions in the comments box and help me fill a few blog entries for the month of March. (don't make me beg....... you won't like me when i beg.)

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drakor66 said...

First question is youbohgt a fancy camera yet i have not seen any real work from you will we? I do not mean naked pictures of Sir though that could be fun.

Do you every get the same thrill in a session that comes close to the first time you were with Sir? Much like the first smoke of the morning was always the best for me the rest of the day I spent trying to recapture that feeling.

Last question do you still play as hard after the scare you had medically this year.

I have been catching up on your blogs with a few changes to settings it allows me to enjoy your blogs once again.

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