Monday, March 30, 2009


It is strange sometimes how things just evolve.

i had decided - with Sir's permission - to wear the Chinese dress to the play party on Saturday evening. Then i had this brain wave ... sort of a theme.. chinese/oriental theme .. and asked Sir if i could bring the chopsticks/clamps up to the party as well.

He concurred.. and so the chopsticks were packed. Then Sir added the pussy spreader and some whipping toys.

Before we left Sir did a partial mummification by wrapping from just below my breasts to my waist in plastic wrap.

The drive up was uneventful - the mummification felt more or less like wearing a corset .. kinda binding.. kinda digging in... kinda uncomfortable .. but bearable.

We stopped at our favourite restaurant for lunch.. a place called "The Works" and over lunch we got talking about humiliation......... mainly because of a group Sir reads from time to time on Fetlife - aptly named "Humiliation" (i think that is it). Anyway........ over lunch we discussed different forms of humiliation and how it isn't my thing.. and how i am too strong .. too grounded in who i am to have any form of humiliation work very well.

Lunch over with.. i was faced with a couple of hours of shopping .. poking around in a rather large mall. i couldn't see myself managing another 2 hours or so in the mummification... so i asked Sir if He could remove it. Now for those of you who have never been wrapped in plastic wrap.. or heard of mummification.. once on, the only real way of getting it off.. is to cut it. So there we were standing in the parking lot of the restaurant, and Sir pulls out a box cutter He keeps in His pocket..lifts up my sweater (from the back) and proceeds to slice the wrap off. For a minute or two i wondered what someone would think if they were watching Him perform this little slicing.......... and then just pushed it from my mind as i wasn't exactly showing anything terribly personal.

Ok.. so now fast forward to the play party. It started off slowly as most of them do.. meeting and greeting old friends.. getting caught up on everyone's news. i was blown away by the decoration of the club - it had been decorated totally and completely in an Oriental theme (from a party the previous night) Well didn't i just fit right in .. in my chinese dress !!!

Sir was standing talking to a new Domme and i wandered over to join in their conversation. i am not sure how the conversation got around to chopsticks (as i wasn't really paying much attention... just being the dutiful slave standing beside my Sir) when Sir told me to get the chopsticks out of the bag .. and strip.

i got kinda of wiggly and a bit nervous.. we were afterall standing in the socializing part of the club.. no one else was playing...... and i was being told to strip naked??

i didn't hesitate too long - as there just didn't seem much point to it. i stripped .. found the plastic case that carries the chopsticks and handed it to Sir. He opened up the case and while i was standing there naked as a jay bird, with hands behind my head, He starts pulling out some of the chopsticks and explaining how they work. i was totally ignored. A few other folks came and joined Sir and this Domme. Everyone was chattering away as though i didn't even exist. It was a very strange feeling.

Sir was explaining how these chopsticks could be used just about anywhere. He reached .. grasped a nipple firmly between His fingers .... yanked it outwards.. and slapped one of the chopstick sets on........ then proceeded to add another set to the other nipple in much the same way. My startled yelps were ignored... though a couple of folks chuckled.

Then Sir disappeared downwards, encouraging the Domme to come take a closer look and so she disappeared downwards as well.. Sir clamped on sets of chopstick to each labia. Then He and she moved around behind me. A chopstick was slid between my legs and through my clit jewelry..another was added between my ass cheeks to sort of .. kind of.. anchor the clit chopstick. While this was going on.... a Dom came over to stand directly in front of me.. in my space in front of me.. if you understand what i mean. i could feel myself starting to feel very uncomfortable.

Sir and i have known this Dom for many years. In fact we call him "friend"...... so this shouldn't have thrown me as much as it was. He was standing there watching me.. looking right into my eyes.. not allowing me to drop my look.. or turn away. Then He said very quietly "you actually enjoy being naked in front of all these people don't you??!!" (in that stern Dom voice that they have - dominants i mean)

i turned my head.. i wiggled a bit.. (and got yipped at by Sir who was still positioning chopsticks and explaining how they worked) i looked back at the Dom in front of me. "Well??!!" i hummed and hawed and stammered.. and i realized i had never ever before felt so humiliated... the word finally gushed out of me "YES" i declared for all the world to hear.. "i do enjoy being made to stand naked in front of people". The Dom laughed out loud.

By then Sir had bounced back up .. bringing along the new Domme. The Dom who had been pushing my buttons asked if the nippled chopsticks would twirl .. and Sir suggested He might want to try. i closed my eyes. The chopsticks and my nipples were pulled and twisted.. and i stamped my foot and thought a few 4 letter words !!

Then Sir announced they all had to see His new toy... and He pulled out the pussy spreader. Everyone got involved in discussing what it was used for.. how it was used.. all the while i am standing there.. hands behind my head.. with chopsticks sticking out all over the place.

Sir explained it was a pussy spreader and suggested that i go find a table and get ready to demonstrate how it worked.

i have never really tried to walk with chopsticks clamped to my pussy .. my clit .. and my nipples. It was awkward and pokey and embarassing !!! But i managed to wince my way over to the table.. and cover it with a towel. By that time everyone was gathered around talking.. it was all just a blur to me. Sir told me to do something and the damn chopstick holding the clit chopstick in place popped out and rolled across the floor. Sir just stood there ordering me to go and get it and pick it up. Bending over with the chopsticks biting into me was almost more than i could bare.. i started to tear up.

Sir removed the chopsticks.. which alleviated some of my embarassement and discomfort. Then He had me hop up on the table and spread 'em........ so He could attach the pussy spreader. Everyone gathered around.. everyone was talking.. Sir was demonstrating.. and me?? i just closed my eyes and made them all go away.

After the fact.. Sunday - i was trying to explain to Sir just how humiliating it had all been... not in a bad way.. but not in a good way either. Maybe cause i thought i was basically immune to humiliation play. Maybe cause i thought i had become something more than just an object to play with ... to demonstrate on.

It was just a little attitude adjustment.


selkie said...

oh WOW... totally chuffed about your Oriental theme! did you wear that gorgeous red dress? (well at least for a bit? LOL).

I think I understand how you feel- in between mortified, confused and aroused .....

drakor66 said...

Welcome to the love hate feelings of humiliation. Now the question is can you feel anymore naked then you did at the party?

selkie said...

and for the record, I can't even be naked in front of D. ... sighs.

Spanking OTK said...

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Serious Black said...

Whatever happened to good old knives and forks........

Scarlet said...

Hmmm .... I had mixed feelings reading about this.

By the way, those dresses are stunning! :)

anna said...

I had always been afraid of humiliation and stayed far from it. Then I became involved with a particular Dom who turned out to be all about humiliation. He introduced me to it slowly and, since then, I crave it. And, I must say, this post was HOT.

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