Friday, March 07, 2008

This and that....

Well i have pulled the house back together.. changing this and that.. adding more oriental influence on the main level - have i told you i love the oriental influence??!!

After 4 days of painting - and ignoring all the other work that needs to be done.. today i am doing the usual cleaning lady routine........ ughhhhhhhh a woman's work is never done !!

i have been struggling all week with sleep....... usually my head hits the pillow and i am gone.. it is a quality of mine that drives Sir nuts !!! and usually i wake up automatically after 7 - 8 hours. My grandmother always used to say - clear conscience - good night's sleep. But this week i haven't been sleeping well...... so does that mean i don't have a clear conscience??? i was wondering about that the other day........ i did a little mental health check and declared myself clean and fit...... so why wasn't i sleeping?? Then - just like in the cartoons - a light bulb went off over my head.......... i wasn't locking the cats up at night.. i love to have lil miss ashes snuggle up behind me and sleep with me......... but squirt the male does not sleep.. left to his own devices he roams the house - prowls is more like it - my attack cat on guard. So i penned the "kids" back up et voila 8 hours sleep !!! Still got my clear conscience - thank goodness !!

My legs ache today........ ache from the ankles to the knees ........ just like when you stand for too long.. or walk too far (in the wrong shoes) ... and nothing seems to help... not Tylenol or sitting.. or laying down.. or elevating them.. or standing.. they just ache (much like a tooth ache ) and it is driving me nuts !!! i wonder if i strained too many muscles hopping up and down the ladder.. standing on tippy toes to paint the upper most part of the wall that i missed when i was on the ladder (hey i never said i was an accomplished painter with any kind of strategy !!)

And i am on my 5th day of my white chemicals - 5th day of the 3rd month - one more month to go. i am fatigued and a bit nauseous and wondering if all these side effects have been worth it... is the problem being healed?? i HATE not knowing.

And as i sit here writing ........ i hear the plows moving snow banks....... (making a bloody mess of the grass and the bushes/gardens) preparing for the next big dump of snow due to start tonight and end sometime on Sunday - another foot or so......... we are clearly running out of place to put all this white stuff !!! BUT we do put the clocks ahead on Saturday night.. more daylight .. YAY !!! and hopefully it means spring IS just around the corner.

On another bright note....... we have had some success (hopefully) in our search for a new 'boy'......... i have posted more details on Yes Miss. And Sir has a sweet young thing that has been over to the condo once for a little spanking...... and we are hoping she will return again soon......... but i promised her i would write no details....... so that is all i am saying on the subject!!

And that dear readers is it for today....... the vacuum is calling my name.... and god after a week of painting.. my body needs some serious shaving and prepping.. it is Friday and Sir is coming !!!!!!


Lady Evyl said...

Hi Little One,
I have had insomnia all many other I have talked too. Its the time of year

Buffalo said...

And now it is Sunday. I trust you are manicured, lotioned, shaved and no longer stiff and sore in a way you would rather not be.

I also trust your snowplows worked overtime.

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