Thursday, March 06, 2008


i was thinking today i have a few faults - ok ok more than a few faults..........

i have very little patience........ i want things done yesterday.. i want things fixed yesterday...i want to get in shape and be thin immediately damn it !! i have eaten like a bird for a whole week now.. and exercised my butt off.. now i say... now !! i want you to understand what i am trying to say damn it !! yup.. very little patience.

i am a perfectionist and tend to expect the same quality from those around me. If you can't do a job perfectly then don't bother to do it all !!

i tend to put too much trust in people and when they fall short of some goal i expect from them i am either angry or hurt.. or both. i prefer being a loner for just that reason.. no chance of being disappointed by someone.....or hurt if i keep to myself.

i am not very flexible - i hate change - and i tend to feel insecure and uncertain when changes happen........

i am obsessive over cleanliness and things being in their place. As i have been told over and over again.. the dirt will still be there tomorrow..

i am fiercely independent probably stems from the trust thing........ i know *I* will do what needs to be done.

i can be cranky and grouchy.

i can act like a spoiled brat.

i worry way too much about family .. things.. what if monsters.

i stress way too much.

TMI right? too bad .. i needed to say it..

and now my faults are out there.. in black and white (so to speak) it is time to start trying to change them......... one baby step at a time.


Buffalo said...

So you are human.

Every one of us comes complete with a grab-bag full of idiosyncrasies. Some are endearing to those around us. Some are a colossal pain in the ass.

When we want to share all, or part, of our life with someone we need to learn how to compromise.

Sir said...

Butt you don't like change.....

Ownwer of morningstar

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