Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It was brought to my attention last evening by a couple of people that i hadn't posted yesterday - geeeeeeez louise folks !!! i miss one day and everyone starts nattering at me???

Ok.. a quickie update.......

i am on my second month of chemical treatments.. the side effects are just charming... morning sickness that makes me wonder if i am pregnant (god forbid!!!) fatique that makes my legs shake just getting out of bed........ shopping or other fun stuff is almost out of the question...... crankiness that explodes onto the scene with little or no warning...... and tears - my god the tears !!! i cry at everything and anything...... and leakage - yuck yuck yuck i leak like a sieve...... There are two good weeks in every month - the 2 weeks that i am pumping the chemicals into my body..... wonderful eh?? !!!

The weekend however - despite my crankiness and weepiness - was amazing!!! One excellent session on Saturday night that had me leaving a huge puddle on the rug - it is so nice to know that somethings do still work!!! AND amazingly enough after the session and the orgasm - the stress seemed to abate for a while.... sex is such a wonderful stress reliever - dontcha know !!!

So like the good doctor said " take 2 orgasms and call me in the morning" (oh wait that was 2 aspirin wasn't it?? !!)

Keeping up with the plan of themed clothes pegs for each holiday / event...... Sir gave me heart clothes pegs (which if you have been to His blog you will have already seen) and i gave Sir heart clamps with magnets..... He had such fun putting the clamps on the pussy and then pushing the magnets together - forming a sort of chastity belt. It felt ouchy and awesome at the same time !!!

And so dear friends and readers that is what i have been up to..... nothing very new or interesting......... just hanging on waiting for the snow to melt - the birds to return - the sun to shine........


Anonymous said...

Ugh, those side effects sound lousy. But here's hoping you've turned a corner and it'll be downhill from now on.

Anonymous said...

im so sorry you get so ill with the treatments, i wish i could give you a warm hug...(im sending tons of them right now..)
im with you about the birds and the sun.... i need springtime bad..
hugs, Hisflower

Buffalo said...

Those treatments can't resemble anything pleasant. Sorry you have to go through it.

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