Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long weekend.......

Warning....... if you have come here to read about the fun details of a BDSM weekend - complete with fucking and spankings and floggers and whips (oh my!!) you will be sorely disappointed.

Saturday morning Sir had some work to complete and so he left me...... a couple of hours later He called to tell me He would be coming back to pack up His things and return home. It turns out His mom had taken a fall and had called the ambulance.

Fortunately she wasn't hurt in her fall - only frightened. Sir packed up his things and went home to do some major re-arranging... that will hopefully facilitate the care of his mom... until such time as the powers that be, get around to arranging a room in a nursing home for her.

Sir disassembled her bed and moved it lock stock and barrel down the stairs to the dining room... and set up a make shift bedroom for her. He installed a commode so that she doesn't have to take the stairs to use the bathroom. He worked all day to get her organised and comfortable.

Now some wonder why i love this man i call Sir.. and the above paragraphs tell you why...... any man who would take such care of his mom.. put her health and peace of mind ahead of His own needs and desires - is a man i want in my life !!!

Someone asked me last night if i was ok???!! My god why wouldn't i be?? Am i sooooo shallow that this person would think i would pout and whine because my Sir can't be with me this weekend??? Life happens........ and i would much rather know Sir is taking care of business than playing with me. It is as it should be.

That is not to say i don't have that burning need inside... but there are ways of handling that need........ and one way some of you will surely enjoy is... i took all my thoughts and fantasies and wrote an extra entry to the Fictional Blog..... i hope you enjoy !!!

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Buffalo said...

He is one of the good guys.

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