Saturday, May 12, 2007

teacher's pet

After a week of school... somehow it seemed so appropriate that Sir would decide to use the "canes" for our Friday evening session....... "teacher's pet" i call them.. the trio........

The top cane (looks like a regular cane) was purchased on a fun BDSM rally / treasure hunt that Sir and i organised a few years back. The goal was to follow a map that lead to a flea market..... once at the flee market the task was to find a BDSM pervertable toy for the lowest number of bucks. We found and purchased the walking cane......

This cane was used last night as an "attitude adjustment" .. i was wired from work.. a bit snarky - very tired.. and not so very submissive in mind set...... a dozen strikes with this cane put me quickly into my place..

The middle cane was something i heard about - long before we ever found one to purchase. On a chat program i used many years back, i sat in on a discussion between some BDSM folk from the Carolines (if memory serves me right) discussing the pros and cons of a "cane bundle". My curiosity was peaked and of course i had to ask what a cane bundle was.. and where i could find one !!! It was a few years later that a local craftsman listened to my description of cane bundles and created a prototype. Needless to say....i HAD to have one. It can be as sensual as Sir wants it to be...... or as wicked as He wants it to be.. i discovered the joys of both modes last evening...... the sensational use of the bundle had me wiggling my ass.. almost begging for Sir to .. ummm.. finish the job He started.. (and i am NOT talking about the caning!!) oh lord that cane bundle can get my blood pumping !!

Because i love this cane bundle so much .. and the work that went into it .. i took some close up shots of the important bits.........

And finally Sir's newest cane - what i call the School Master cane....... now this lil bugger stings like the devil. There is a method to caning.. one that has gone round the net and round the community forever.... i am not entirely sure if it is the correct method....... BUT let me describe it for you....... and believe me when i say.. it works for me !!

First - all swipes of the cane are done in sets of 6 - no more no less. (why i do NOT know!!)

Second - It is best to hit with the cane ...... let it rest against the hit mark for a fraction of a second then lift. What happens to the subbie is two fold...... the initial hit compresses the area (ouch ouch ouch)..... in that fraction of a second - the warning is made clear - when the cane is lifted off, the skin bounces back (in a manner of speaking) and the pain sears .... it much worse to handle than a wham bang thank you ma'am sort of hitting method... slow methodical .. sets of 6 ..

When Sir was finished caning me.. i was laughing and waving to my fairies ...... and not entirely focused on anything of consequence.. so when He gave me permission to leave the position.. i just kinda flopped down on my ass... i yelped.. my eyes bugged out .. and my ass ached........... ohhhhh what a glorious feeling.. what a glorious end to a teaching week!!!


rose said...

Hmmm seems blogger is being naughty tonight.
Ok i will repeat what i tried to post earlier and hope it gets through this time.:)
Those canes look wonderfully wicked. You are a lucky girl *eg*
Hope the rest of your weekend goes well for you too.

Anonymous said...

Nice cane bundle. hmmmm wonder where I could get such a fun little toy .

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