Friday, May 25, 2007

Orgasm restrictions..

i was thinking this morning how weird i am .. (well i can only speak for me) on Monday i was absolutely climbing the walls because Sir had decided to put me on orgasm restrictions.. and it had been (at that point) 2 weeks since i had had one orgasm....... ONE?? !! i used to be multi-orgasmic.. i wonder some days if i have lost the ability... i used to have to have.. (yeah HAVE to have) at least one orgasm a day to retain what little sanity i had....

Now it is Friday - 3 weeks since my last orgasm.. and i don't feel one twinge.. one desire.. one urge. i wonder if it is because Sir isn't here.. and as i have said before.. masturbating just isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be... and without Sir here... there are no tawses or whips or floggers flying..and most definitely NO pretty clips or clamps... do they rule my needs .. my urges?? am i so plugged into pain now that normal vanilla orgasms (yes VANILLA!! sticking my tongue out at all those who cringe at the use of the word) just don't do it for me anymore??

Once upon a time i read some emails about a machine.. i think it was called the syberian.. it cost an arm and a leg.. but i wondered .. i really did.. if i was hooked up to it.. and tied down.. if it would drive me crazy - to have that many orgasms.. controlled by a machine. Would it break me?? can you actually break a pussy??

But for today.. i am wondering if i am just plain broken.. dried up from lack of use.. from orgasm restriction........ can that happen??? Is Sir in for a surprise?? maybe it doesn't work anymore?? maybe i can't get horny anymore??? Did the philosophy behind the orgasm restriction work.. if i lost the urge??

And then of course i wonder .. have i lost the urge if i am still thinking about it?? Maybe it is only truly gone when one no longer thinks about it?? as my kids say "whateverrrrrrrr"... all i know is it makes me wonder how i can be so damn horny on Monday.. and so damn disinterested in the whole idea on Friday...


Blazngfyre said...

Ah yes .... The Sybian machine.

My ex wanted to purchase one for me.
He didn't.

melinda said...

the phrase "use it or lose it" keeps coming to mind though I think it is pretty much like riding a bike or horse....once back in the saddle it all comes back to you very quickly and you might enjoy it even more!

Personally like you however...I usually go quite insane without it. I get rather bitchy without it. Then I feel like a needy bitch and half pissed that I apparently have to have something so much it controls a point anyway.

The more I get it the more I want it and the more I need it and think about it and it all hell breaks loose!

You expressed it very well when you say you felt dried up from not having it. I have to admit I can relate to that from the past. I don't want to go back there again because it is so against my nature. BUT I have been there before for YEARS at a time. It was no fun.

Buffalo said...

In boot camp, where there wasn't an outlet, or a viable alternative, available to me, I quit thinking about sex. Although I did seem to develop an ability to smell a woman's perfume from a half mile away. (No, not funny.) As soon as I left boot camp it was back to normal.

The way our bodies and minds work is a truly amazing thing.

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