Monday, May 21, 2007


It was.. for lack of a better word..... an interesting weekend......

A week or so ago i convinced Sir that his blog needed updating.. and so i went to work and updated his blog.. adding a new heading picture (which i happen to LOVE !!) Since then he has been too busy to post anything... Well this weekend i pointed out to him - oh so very subbie like - that it depressed me to see the same sad post from way back in April on his brand spanking new blog layout. So......... Sir went to work to post a new upbeat entry.. and ohhhhh my god !!! ever heard of "Murphy's law"?? well it took all weekend .. much cursing and swearing and sweating .. and my offering to reload his old layout .. before Sir finally got the whole thing working again.......... If you get a chance check out the new improved look of Sir’s Place...... as well as some pretty spring time "pictures" !!! (may i say OUCH!!!??)

BUT that was not what i really want to post about today....... i rattled Sir's cage a wee bit by saying i was going to post a "critique" of the weekend's activities.. but mostly what this post is about is... "be careful of what you wish for"... (terrible english but you catch the drift)

On Saturday while Sir and i were hoofing it around the garden centers getting all the supplies i needed to work on the gardens.. i leaned over to Him and whispered "i am SOOOOO horny" Now please note.. most of the time Sir is very generous with my orgasms.. i only have to ask and i receive. So when we got home.. some time later.. He proceeded to .. ummm.. play with me sexually. i muttered (ok ok shoot me now !!) how i LOVE to be teased. Sir replied .. with a lifted eyebrow.. "Oh really??!!" and promptly stopped.

Stop and start and repeat was the practice for the day........

By Sunday i was thinking ok this isn't fun anymore !!! When Sir was using the tawse (yes the damn tawse again !! it was the toy of choice for the weekend!!) i was finding it very very difficult not to beg for an orgasm.... there is no polite way of putting this.. i was dripping wet and dying .. DYING i say!! .. for an orgasm. Sir was doing his outmost best to torture my pussy.. he was using the tawse between my legs.. he was pinching my pussy.. tugging and pulling on my clit jewelry and flicking it in a most evil way.

i was .. i thought.. doing everything in my power to ask him (oh so very subtly for an orgasm). i was wiggling my butt at him.. i was moaning ecstatically with every pinch, tug, flick. It got to the point that i was nearly out of my mind with need. ( i have read that before somewhere.. and thought .. oh yeah.. sure !! trust me it is possible to be nearly out of one's mind with need !!) i was so needy.. so wanting.. that when Sir (ugh i hate to even think about this !!) teased my asshole i was praying He would .. well WOULD .. cause even that was better than nothing. BUT He didn't !!

Not one orgasm the whole weekend.. not one!! And now it is Monday and Sir has left to go and attend to work and the usual vanilla week long business.. and i am left feeling ... cranky believe it or not! very very cranky.. and all because i was stupid enough to say "i love being teased".... i will learn !! (or will i?? )

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Sir said...

It sucks to be a wanting slave huh?? Remember when you said you didn't want to have GOS ( Good Old Sir ) around, well He wasn't and now I bet you wish He was huh??

Remember this, it is MY wishes/wants/demands and NEVER yours littleone.....

Owner of a very wet and horny morningstar

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