Thursday, February 01, 2007

the possibility

Sir and i are talking.......
we are re-negotiating..
we are sharing.........
we are finding a new beginning..
a possiblity.


drakor66 said...

I hope you both find a path you can walk on together

Master Michael - lucy & melody said...

my thoughts are with you both!!


Buffalo said...

And this comes as a surprise?

Anonymous said...

You will both overcome the things that need to be overcome and reach compromise on those that dont, from reading your blog I can sense the depth of your relationship and I am certain your journey will start in a new place, at a different set of cross roads and all will be resolved, making you both happier and more content...

At least... that is what i wish for you both.


RAheretic's swan said...

We've had to find our way back out of darkness together a time or two. It is challenging.
Sending you calming thoughts and energies -- as always, we are all here.

All the best,
swan and "The Heron Clan"

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