Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes the above is a rack .. but i am not going to talk about that type of rack today .. drool over that type of rack yes.. talk about it no!

Yesterday i talked a little bit about "safe sane and consensual" ... a bit of a cliché.. and used - in my opinion - far too much with very little thought. i touched briefly on how what we do is not "safe" nor is it "sane" to most folk and as much as it should be "consensual" often times it moves beyond consensual.

There is another term going the rounds of the community and that term is R.A.C.K. - translated it means "Risk-Aware Consensual Kink". Let's take a little look at this term..

RISK - what we do involves a certain degree of risk.. and we all know that going in... even with the best laid plans something can go wrong and we accept that fact. Personally i believe risk makes it more difficult for the vanilla folk to accept.. safe makes it sound nice and fun and well safe.. RISK makes it sound dangerous and threatening and OH MY GOD You do WHAT??!!

AWARE - now that we have admitted that there is some risk of injury .. and we still want to go ahead and do it... we are being (in my opinion) far more honest.. and we are taking responsibility for ourselves. After much thought we have decided that this activity is SANE for us.. maybe not for you.. but it is for us.

Consensual - consensual is for me a grey area.. when Sir and i first started playing.. everything was very consensual - on both sides!!! But as time has gone on.. we have raised the bar time and time again.. we have NOT (ok ok those purists out there can slap me down right now!) renegotiated what it is we are going to do.. i have trust that Sir will keep my best interests at heart.. that He will be fully aware of what it is He is doing.. and He will keep a very close eye on me .......... and my body language.. because folks .. here's a novel idea.. some times a submissive will be so far gone in subspace that she cannot call a safe word.. she can't even say STOP... so the Dom had better damn well be paying close attention!

KINK - i like this one.. because what i do may bore the hell out of you.. or it may scare the hell out of you.. and that works both ways...... there are most definitely things about this lifestyle that i do not like .. will never do.. but hey.. if you like it.. if it is your KINK.. then i will defend your right to do it!!!

And so there you have it.. R.A.C.K. rather than safe sane and consensual.........
But ya know what?? in the final analysis whether ya call it "safe sane and consensual" or R.A.C.K. it is what we do.......

day 5 - 2o minutes with Robin and the treadmill..


RAheretic's swan said...

Nodding. I know folks who "chant" SSC, and others who "intone the RACK mantra with equal fervor. I'm not sure that either one holds much validity in my view, but that's just me. It's probably good to go through the definitions.
Anytime we start trying to explain our lives (and our sexuality) in terms that make it all acceptable and "valid" to people who assume at the outset that it is "wrong" and outrageous, we are going to have to compromise ourselves to a degree that is impossible to swallow.
Still, probably the slogans give us something that we can market where it works to do that.


THE Michael said...

Some people's kinks are other's "you gotta be kidding me...". It's all relative.

I do, however, think that we have to consider tolerance in the light of such behaviors as snuff films, because, I'm sorry, but there ARE lines we can't cross unless we want to just toss in the towel on civilization.

I suppose I can view the bodily damage I have witnessed due to extreme S & M in the same light as those who drive motorcycles without helmets. Sure, knock yourself out, just don't expect ME to pay your hospital bills. I'm willing to see the envelope pushed on SSC in order to protect my own milder thirst for freedom.

Anonymous said...

hi morningstar. GREAT post!!! my new home is up and running..... come visit. pweeeeze!!!!??

find me at

big hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops.....that last comment was from me....

martha.....previously Hismian

darlingina said...

"To E/each T/their O/own". Great post morningstar. Oh, and you go girl! Best of luck keeping up on those workouts!

littleone said...

swan - don't you think that either SSC or RACK are just publicity chants for the uninitiated?? i can't find the right words.. but something that makes the whole thing more palatable to newbies and vanillas alike - something to prove we aren't monsters??

The Michael - i read your comment a couple of times even had Sir read it because i found it a bit hard to 'get'... snuff films have nothing to do with consensual behaviours.. and basically truthfully as much as sane doesn't enter into RACK .. it does truthfully enter into every single one of the BDSM relationships that i know..

and as for the medical fees?? seems to me that the % of BDSMers showing up in an emergency ward would be small compared to some of the stupid stuff vanilla people do.. dontcha think??

mian - i will be over to check out the new digs .. i want to know why.. and how .. and who and all the rest of it.. so i will be over ..

and darlingina - thank you so much for your continued support here on the Journey...... hugs girlie

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