Friday, October 06, 2006

a Rose by any other name.......

This morning i had a few minutes to read some of my less visited blogs... (afterall when i am working time does place restraints on my reading )........ Anywayyyyyyyyy as it is a PED day today and i don't have to be in to work till a wee bit later .. i went and read some blogs i have missed recently.........

The English Gentleman brings up a topic that goes round every once in a while.. Titles.. Sir, Master, My Lord, etc... In the beginning, i had such trouble remembering to refer to Sir as "Sir". It caused me grief... even the frequent humiliating punishments did little to reinforce the title into my daily speech patterns. Ohhhhh most of the time i could remember to write "Sir" when doing my journals or speaking with Sir on line.. BUT face to face?? no way no how. My speech patterns tend to be fast.. as i have been told many times.. i should put my brain in gear before i put my mouth in motion!! i would spew out my thoughts.. and Sir would sit there waiting... and the "Sir" just wouldn't be there.. then i got good.. (or thought i did) by adding "Sir" as kind of a p.s. to my conversations.... stuck in at the end - as a kind of afterthought. that didn't win me any brownie points either.

Sir was always so impressed by subbies who talked with Him who would remember to use "Sir" .. frequently .. in my opinion sickeningly frequently.. gaggingly frequently... and of course Sir would always point out to me how nicely submissive they were because they used the word "Sir" .. used it??!! hells bells you had to wade through all the "SIRS" to find the context of their conversation... it bored me.. it infuriated me.. ok ok .. i will admit it ..from time to time it made me jealous!!

i once asked Sir what made a submissive good.. was it the ability to use a word frequently.. or was it their actions?? It is my belief that a single word does not a good subbie make. i told Sir i could use the word "Sir" all the time.. every second word could be "SIR" but by my actions be the worst damn sub He had ever encountered!! OR i could forget to use the title and serve Him well. Which did He want?? All pomp and show.. or action???!! (it seemed a good argument at the time!!) Sir answered - "I want BOTH!"

Time went on.. and i have mastered the ability to use Sir more frequently... i still do not use it nearly as often (i am sure) as Sir would like. BUT it has become ingrained in my speech patterns - as when we are in the vanilla world saying His name makes me stammer and blush.. His name no longer rolls off my tongue as it used to.

Now there is also the question of why "Sir" and not "Master" .. a part of me always thought calling Him "Master" would have been easier.... (well it was a good excuse at the time).. and Sir explained to me that He did not feel He had yet earned the title of "Master".. by His definition it meant it was a person who had mastered a skill ........ and SIr believed that He had not yet mastered the skill... and that mastering the skill would be a life long journey.

In my humble opinion... subbie opinion... Master or Sir.. or Lord .. or Teddy Bear (said with a small smile and nod towards P) is just .. "a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet"..........


CLoud said...

yes I would like to be there when you call your Sir teddy bear hmmm that could be fun I did not know you guys were into plush a new kink but you are always breaking new ground. So does that mean he has a cute button nose or is just full of stuffing. Well that might happen after this weekend and all the turkey suppers planned.
When is a sub good hell that is a question with no real answer is it?

Have a happy thanksgiving and now is about the time when I look for pictures of sub center pieces is it not and are you having carrots this year? giggle

Anonymous said...

I think we are on the same wavelength today! :D


Anonymous said...

Having a Teady Bear is a wonderful thing ... but it is oh so good to have a Sir or a Master ... even if they are new into the play, and do not even want to be called anything as of yet ... i find myself calling my new Friend Master or Sir in my mind ... and finally knowing the feeling of letting go emotionally as well as physically ... it is oh so refreshing !!!!

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