Tuesday, October 03, 2006

a little something about me..

There is something.. just something .. about geisha that intriques me and draws me in. i have learned the japanese tea ceremony and have all the necessary implements to perform the ceremony - BUT unfortunately i do not have much opportunity to serve tea..
i have read every book i can get my hands on about geisha.. Sir took me to see the movie Geisha.. and even purchased the movie poster and had it laminated for me..

If you look around my wee house you will see .. here and there.. bits of the orient. On Saturday Sir bought me my birthday present - a kimono. (well a spin off a kimono) and i wore it proudly to the party on Saturday evening.

But no matter how much i admire the geisha.. no matter how much i try to emulate them.. i can never be a geisha.. i lack the patience.. the grace.. the quiet stillness that i think they embody. It doesn't mean i have given up.... it is just one more goal i strive towards...

(and for those of you who follow my photojournal - i have posted some pics of japanese bondage.. just click on the link to the right)


CLoud said...

you lack quiet stillness wow a revalation I have found the light. Jsut being cheeky I an sure your warrior would say that you are his geisha and who are we to argue with him.

littleone said...

Cloud........ as always you find just the right words...... but no matter what my "warrior" sees in me.. it does not keep me from striving for better.. for more stillness.. more grace.. more of everything..

Reflections and Ruminations said...

Happy belated birthday!!! And congrats on the new grandbaby!

Much love and kisses,

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