Thursday, October 19, 2006

The duct tape adventure

Once upon a time a long time ago......... Sir had me duct tape my mouth shut - a punishment for an over active mouth. i was a good subbie and left the tape on - as ordered - for just over 5 hours or so i guess. When i removed it i had a rash.. which got steadily worse. By Monday morning - i looked terrible.. with this perfect red mask around my mouth. Fortunately for me - the school nurse - upon seeing me - announced i had eaten something i was terribly allergic to, and to be very careful in future!!! (believe me when i say i breathed a HUGE sigh of relief) Eventually the entire rash area peeled completely off..

Now since that mis-adventure, Sir has not used duct tape on me. (btw.. i DO have an allergy to adhesives - dumb subbie forgot that duct tape IS an adhesive!!) A week or so ago, Sir was chatting with friends and the duct tape incident came up. One wickedly evil Domme suggested that Sir place the duct tape on my ass.. so that during i would itch and scratch.. and afterwards suffer from the rash and peeling skin. Sir looked at me, and i kinda shrugged and pointed out it wasn't exactly a life threatening allergy .. soooooooooo.. if He wished, why not??? (now truthfully i didn't for one second think that Sir would actually do such a thing!!! dumb subbie moment again!!)

On Sunday ... just before Sir and i headed off to the munch.. He ordered me to drop my pants and bend over. Duct tape was applied to my ass... my pants pulled back up and off we went. From time to time during dinner, i felt a bit itchy .. but it never seemed to amount to too much. i commented to Sir that my ass is so toughened by the floggings and whippings that it probably wouldn't react to the adhesive. The worst part of the duct tape incident was the removal... Sir took great pleasure in ripping it off.... major ouchies.. and i was dancing a little jig.

The next morning my ass wasn't even pink.. never mind rash red. Once again i thought my ass won out.. no bruises.. and now no red rashes!!

Here it is Thursday... and i am sitting at my desk this morning, working on the pc... and i get this terrible urge to scratch my ass. What was that about??!! i had virtually forgotten the duct tape incident of Sunday. I went off to the bathroom to have a damn good scratch - nails against itchy skin.... AND lo and behold when my nails hit the skin, it peeled right off !!! Now not all the skin peeled off my ass.. just down around the bottom edges where the ass meets the legs... i gingerly grasped one edge and gave a little tug and this neat strip of skin peeled right off. I cautiously explored the rest of my ass.. rubbing my finger tips across it.. envisioning all the skin peeling off.... and thinking to myself "MY GOD i will have a sensitive ass and Sir is just gonna LOVE flogging it!!!" BUT .. fortunately ..or unfortunately ... depending on how you look at it.. only the one strip came off each ass cheek!!!

And so i have had another great duct tape adventure!!


Sir said...

So, delayed reaction huh...I LOVE it!!

Now I wonder the next time I do it will leaving it on longer will it take longer to peel or speed up things? Just one way to find it out?

As for flogging it this weekend, should be fun seeing you stay still during the formal vanilla dinner/dance that W/we are attending this weekend...

Owner of morningstar

Anonymous said...

An entire body wrap in duct tape.

That would be lovely, wouldn't it?



CLoud said...

kaya you beat me to it I was thinking about mumification just the neck and face uncovered would that not give a sub that fresh new feeling all over just like irish spring would it not or would it not just cause her to spring hmmm. a fresh new area to mark how could anyone resist!!

Do they not offer some sort of skin peel at the beauty salons and here you Sir gives it to you free what a nice present.

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