Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Weekend Synopsis

i have tried to think how to describe this weekend.. and it was like i was cocooned in BDSM... yes even with the trip to the soccer tournament on Saturday.

The rest of the weekend was spent - more or less - at my Sir's feet .... amusing Him. The television was on.. especially on rainy Sunday.. and during most of the commercials Sir amused Himself by using one of the 3 toys that lay on the table beside Him. It got to the point that Sir only had to say "commercial" and i was on my stomach (or knees) with my tshirt up offering my ass to Sir. If i was slow to get into position, the spanking would continue well into the next segment of the show. My ass was so sore and red and marked with welts (that of course were gone by this morning!!) that it hurt even to sit on my soft pillow.

i thought - foolish me - that when i got up to do the ironing i would have some respite from the wicked sting of the toys.. but no way!! Sir put some clamps on my pussy and hung the clovers from it (added weight for fun??!! or a reminder that i am gonna work up to them) As i was finishing up the last pair of trousers Sir took the cane and laid a couple of good stripes across my ass... to celebrate the end of the ironing..

i didn't fly.. i didn't see my fairies.. BUT i was well used and abused and i loved every minute of it!!

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