Monday, July 24, 2006

A good beating

i had really thought Sunday would be a day of rest here at the Condo... We had had a busy week .. and a long drive on Saturday and i just figured Sir would be pooped and glad of a day of rest, especially since He had told me He wasn't staying over Sunday. "ASSUME" - makes an ass out of you and me right??? well out of me for sure....

Around noon Sir announced that He thought it would be a good idea to go downstairs and have a "GOOD" session. (actually i think He used the word 'beating' ) boy i must have been ready for a session cause no sooner were the words out of His mouth than i was standing naked at the door... panting like a dog in heat... and oh oh!! i was feeling just a tad bratty and just a tad devilish...

Downstairs Sir put me on the cross (it had been a while and funny thing was - i love the cross with a capital "L"ove .. but i was disappointed i wasn't gonna hang from the chains so He could beat both sides.. go figure!!!)

Sir picked up one of the more wimpy toys we have .. a rubber flogger and went to work on my ass... i was yelping and laughing immediately .. hanging onto the cross for dear life.. twisting and turning and looking back over my shoulder reminding Him it had been a while since we had had a GOOD session and i was a BIG wimp.... He just laughed and didn't pay attention to me...

Soon after though He switched to the circus whip .. laughing He told me that He thought it would be a good idea to start with the tough toys and work down to the softer wimpier ones... oh yeah??!!! i didn't particularily think that was the route to go.... and of course told Him such... smart assed mouth of mine !!! It wasn't long before i was yelping out "oh f**k.. oh f**k.." after each hit.. kaya - i didn't even bother to use "stop mother blankety blank blank" i just developed an immediate sewer mouth and used it.. Sir was laughing and suggested that the norm was for the submissive to say "one Sir.. thank You Sir" .. not "OH F**K" after each hit.

After what Sir deemed was a nice "warm up"..... warm up??!! He calls the circus whip a WARM UP???!!! He moved right along to the cane. Now the cane is the one toy i do LOVE to hate.... if you have never had a cane used on you.. let me describe the delicious?? sensations one gives.. the strike compresses the tissue and muscle which creates a rather loud OUCH and then a couple of seconds later as everything bounces back the blood flows back in and there is a second OUCH!! (kinda like removing clamps - as the blood flows back it almost hurts more than when they went on) ... Sir absolutely delighted in watching me dance a little jig after each strike.. and enjoyed listening to my sewer mouth.... (hey i did warn you i was in a devilish mood).... i do believe i alternated between "OH F**K" and "OH SH*T" and finally landed up - as is my habit from time to time - in fits of giggles.

Sir then brought out the BIG guns.. the Gorean Whip.. this leather treasure is actually 3 broad strips of leather that work together much like a whip - even has the very nice crack of a whip - but the crack happens AS it hits its target.. NOT in the air!!! Sir worked that whip up and down my ass.. moving down to my thighs .. making sure that He got my soft spot more than once!!! and that the whip wrapped nicely around each thigh to mark the insides as well as the backs... It was somewhere around there that i felt myself giving over.. and i called to Sir to stop for one second.. i had IMPORTANT news... (stupid news if you ask me today!!) i was in the mood.. IN THE MOOD !! to have my breasts beaten...... god i do believe Sir is making me into a masochist!!! i asked Him ever so nicely if.. when He had finished with my ass.. IF He could turn me around and work on my breasts... and Sir... being GOS (good old Sir for those of you who missed the posts about that anagram) confirmed i really wanted my breasts beaten!

Sir is always ready to oblige a hungry needy submissive ........ so when He had finished with my ass He turned me around and picked up the cane.... He looked me in the eye and said "What do you think ?? 50 strokes each breast??" At that point it was all i could do to nod. i did however keep track - somehow - of the hits.. counting them out to Him.. even god only knows why! pointing out to Him that He had missed one to the right side.... i got up to around 20 when honestly i have no memory of anything else.. i was watching the red lines blossom across my breasts.... and wondering if Sir could /would make a checker board pattern .. when i heard His voice coming through the fog saying it was enough!

The one thing... it is very rare that i argue the end of a session... and yesterday was one of those days... He unclipped my wrists from the cross and i slipped easily down to the floor on my knees to thank Him....... it was like my body was a mass of jelly with no bone structure to hold me upright.

And now for your viewing pleasure .. my stripped breasts....

(some time today for those of you interested.. i will be writing a story for the Fictional Journey....... as per my summer orders)


anna said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL marks! You lucky girl, you! :)

floweringhana said...

hey girly,

I am trying to get some stuff for Master for his birthday and christmas. I want to get him a nice flogger, gorean whip, some rope, and nice cuffs. Can you recommend somewhere besides the stockroom or other "normal" places?



Anonymous said...

If Dominants would brush up on their "submissve-ese" they would know that "Oh fuck" and "oh shit" actually mean "one Sir, thank You Sir."

Curious though, isn't it, how easily those explitives (sp?) fly out of our mouths. Why can't we turn it around to say "Thank you Sir" as freely as "oh fuck" and with the same passion?

Weird. :)


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